(For Bonsai clubs, societies and nurseries.)

Participants will provide their own material trees and wire, tools, turntables, raffia etc that they will need during the workshop.

These can be half day introductory workshops or they may be more serious workshops held over a day or to two days as per your requirements. All participants work closely under my guidance and for this reason these workshops are ideally for no more than 10 people maximum, so that I can I can give both the participant and the tree the relevant level of attention. Bonsai nursery’s can benefit from these workshops, in that participants regularly buy new material to work on over the day.

I no longer conduct half day styling workshops as I am trying to steer people away from this ‘McDonalds bonsai’ approach to bonsai. However half day critiques on client’s trees and maintenance work projects are still offered.

Workshops (At my home)

Ideally this would suit a group of up to 8 people. However a maximum of 10 people can be OK depending on the size and complexity of the material trees. Please take into consideration that the more people there are in a workshop the less of my time you will receive. Workshops of this type may also be used for refining trees or for setting out a yearly plan for your trees over several years. They are not simply styling workshops. These workshops usually start around 9.30am and last until around 5.30pm, but I can be flexible to help participants who have to travel a long way. Please discuss your requirements with me.

You bring your own trees, tools, wire, turntables, note book etc and whatever else you think you will need for the day.

Please bring a packed lunch or I can arrange to go to a local pub for lunch.

Tea and/or coffee and biscuits are freely available throughout the day.

These workshops are ideal for a group of friends or members of a club/society, wanting to work together and share the costs.

‘One to One’ Workshops at my home

Exclusive workshops designed to suit you. You decide what is is you want to get from the workshop and my knowledge and expertise is there for you to access. You get my 100% attention plus I work on the tree/trees with you.

You can bring your own tree or trees to work on, or you might like to choose something from my own select yamadori or imported Japanese trees.

For long distance customers, overnight accommodation can be provided, please enquire,  or a local B&B can be arranged if you prefer a bit of privacy.

Some clients prefer to visit to reserve a tree from my nursery stock, and then book a “One to One” workshop to style it.

Call or email me to discuss your requirements.

For One to One workshops, as part of the service, I will record the day on digital camera. You can then either go home with a CD of all the images. One to One workshops are the best way for the bonsai person to get the most out of a day and to progress.