Well they certainly got it right again….NOT!

“And this evening we will have lows of  -3c”. Well that’s what they said on the TV for my area.
However I woke up to -9c. God help us if they predict lows of  -9c.
Obviously the Met Office computer is playing up and they have gone back to hanging up seaweed and pine cones for their weather predictions.
Well they certainly got it right again………NOT!

Well not much has happened bonsai wise since my last post. Considering I have taken time off  to have time for myself I am busier than ever and inundated with visitors who obviously think ‘Steve’s having a break so lets go visit him’. But I can’t grumble as I have sold several trees and bronzes and a suiseki through having visitors.

For those of you looking for that special Christmas present to buy yourself, you could do worse than a suiseki or bronze, although you might be running out of time to drop a hint to your partner of what you might like for Christmas.

The severe frosts have curtailed my continuing with the Scots Pine that I mentioned in my last two posts. Someone said to me, “Why don’t you keep it in your studio a few days?”. I said “I did but it froze up”. And there is no way I am working in gloves scarf and hat, huddled close to a fire just to style a tree. But once I get the heating situation sorted I will be back in gear and you can be sure I will post images of the first styling.

However I have been busy in other ways and I have secured some wonderful yamadori material for next Spring. A lot of good Scots Pines, some Taxus, Mugo and Uncinata Pines, some Cupressus. Some Phoenicea and Sabina Junipers, some more Quercus faginea, Olives and Prunus mahaleb (wild cherry). And few unusual species such as collected Pomegranate Punica granatum and Tamarix.

Also after Christmas I will be flying to Europe as I have arranged to visit some collectors to secure more material for mid and late 2013. There will be a lot more well established trees this time that can be worked straight away.

Yesterday I received a very nice Chinese stone. It is a Ying stone and my first of this type.
It is from Yingde,  Guangdong province, China.

Size: 21.5 x 9 x 6.5 cm, stone only. (h x w x d) Height when on it’s stand is 26 cm.

The stand is carved in the Jiangnan style and features a stylised Lingzhi mushroom
Dave Sampson said”  this is a favourite among Chinese scholars and is quite often depicted in paintings, ceramics etc. It represents longevity/immortality

A big thank you to Dave Sampson firstly for giving me the chance to obtain this stone, and also for supplying some information relating to the stone.
My photo’s do not do the stone or stand justice.

And the carved mushroom in the stand.