Refinement and Maintenance


This is a tailored service that I provide to refine and/or to maintain established individual bonsai or bonsai collections. After maintaining many important collections over many years it has been proven time and again that trees benefit from being cared for by one experienced bonsai professional, rather than being passed from ‘expert to expert’, each imposing their ideas on the bonsai. I like to build up a good relationship with my clients and work with them and their bonsai to achieve a common goal. This service can also include work to prepare bonsai for major exhibitions, or to be photographed, or simply to increase their value for sale.

For a number of years I have been asked to groom many high class trees ready for major exhibitions both in the UK and Europe with many trees winning top awards. No one else in the UK can currently offer this level of refinement.

I can also perform the general maintenance of individual trees or part or whole collections of private individuals or even bonsai nursery’s. You can bring your trees to my studio or I am more than happy to travel to your home/nursery to provide my services.


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