Hotsumi Terakawa

hotsumiHotsumi is well known as the in house bonsai master of Bonsai Focus, but his journey in bonsai started long before in Saitama City, Japan. Son of a family from Nagasaki, who’s business was producing garden trees. Hotsumi came across a book on bonsai when he was young, it’s similarity to the family business obviously struck a chord as his desire grew to be an apprentice in a bonsai garden. It was in fact the author of this book, Mr Hideo Kato of Yagumo Mansei-en, that he went on to train under.

After finishing his apprenticeship he found it hard to sustain a life as a bonsai professional in Nagasaki. In 1985 this prompted a move to work with Lodders Bonsai, Netherlands. After four years of work there, teaching and demonstrating, Hotsumi moved permanently created his own bonsai nursery. His work here has had a large impact on bonsai in Europe.

Hotsumi now spreads his time between the Netherlands and Japan and has recently been responsible for a few entries to the prestigious Kokufu-ten.