‘Master class’ workshops are for more experienced bonsai people working in a small group situation here, who wish to work with high quality material under guidance, and leave with a valuable tree at the end of the workshop. Of course I can also come to you for these workshops if it is more convenient and you have a suitable work area.

You supply wire, raffia, tools etc and of course your material tree. Or I can supply the material tree/trees, which will be selected for quality from my nursery stock. (Or you may call to reserve a tree of your choice from my quality material).

It would be advisable to bring a notebook and pen and your camera or camcorder to record the day’s work for future reference.


Extended Master Classes / Seminars

These workshops are intended for the more serious bonsai enthusiasts. These extended workshops are for those who wish to have a tree of the highest quality and to work on material that could not be styled in a single day workshop. The participants will be taken through all the stages of designing and creating a tree of beauty. We will cover the specific requirements of the species being worked on. Plus we will also cover aesthetics, structuring, feeding, pruning, maintenance etc, throughout the workshop.

As these workshops are extended, and a lot of information will be imparted, it is advisable to bring a notebook and pen, a camera and/or video camera.

As with the One to One workshops I can record all of the days work on the tree on my digital camera if you wish. You then have the choice of a CD or photographs to take home.

Most of these extended workshops last a minimum of two days. Usually, the material tree for this type of workshop is provided by myself, however you may have a special ‘material tree’ that you have purchased already that you wish to bring to me.

Material trees from my nursery will be of exceptional quality selected from Yamadori collected in Britain or Europe. Or from hand picked imported trees from the best Japanese, Korean or Chinese nurseries.

These workshops/seminars are for the advanced bonsai enthusiast who wishes to design and create bonsai from the best material available. This type of workshop is very popular in Europe where enough time is given to work the tree sympathetically and the participant can digest the information given and the techniques used.

These workshops are ideally for 1- 3 persons so that you get a high standard of guidance/tuition. Also I will do a lot of the work on the trees myself throughout the workshop. Although participants are more than welcome to bring their own material, please arrange with me for me to see the quality of the material beforehand.

Call to discuss your requirements or to view my material trees.

These extended workshops can also be arranged for during the week if you like to keep your weekends free for time with your family, and they can also be spread as individual days over several weeks to suit your time schedule. I am more than willing to be flexible to suit your needs.