(For bonsai clubs and societies and nurseries)

I prefer to conduct critiques and lectures for clubs holding evening meetings, as I feel that the 2-3 hours allocated for a styling demonstration, is generally not enough time to do oneself or a tree justice, and ideally I would like to see this out dated idea fazed out in the UK.

However I occasionally I may have the material available at my nursery that lends itself to the “instant bonsai” type demo, and then I may do a styling demonstration, however that will be at my discretion. I feel it is important for UK bonsai clubs to move away from these instant bonsai type demonstrations if bonsai is to progress.

However, for clubs or nurseries holding all day or weekend events such as an annual exhibition, I will be happy to conduct a design and styling demonstration. Where the audience can not only see what is going on, but where I can take the time to also explain exactly what I am doing, which I feel is a better way of imparting information. Also it is better for the well being of the tree.