Bonsai in Depth Testimonials




Have you seen the Matrix? It stars Keanu Reeves, it’s a Sci Fi. One particular scene has programmes downloaded directly into Neo’s brain with various skill sets including martial arts where rules like gravity and breathing are broken, it’s epic but he awakes from the programming eyes wide open, and says  “I can do Kung Fu” and he can.


This weekend just gone I logged into one of Steve Tolley’s In Depth Bonsai Courses, two full days, about Junipers. Monday morning I jokingly woke up, eyes wide open and said “I know Junipers”. I don’t know it all of course but man o man I know SO much more now!


I’m the first to admit I’m a novice but I have committed, I’m in it for the long haul, I’m buying in my raw material (yamadori) buying good tools to do the job and after struggling to find the right info in books I’ve finally fallen on my feet finding a knowledge well so close to where I live.


The stuff I’ve learnt over the weekend (not just Junipers) would have taken years to discover on my own and like the trees I’ve purchased I know I’ve just invested wisely.


Above all, I’ve enjoyed it, it was inspirational, it was chilled yet intense, limited ability was irrelevant, everyone wanted to learn. We were invited to take notes, photographs or whatever, I just recorded the lot!! Here lies a problem, I have 16 hours of it and to type it up and pass it on now just isn’t going to happen. I’m currently replaying it through the in car audio.


For more info check here. There’s more on these pages than I wish to type but I would like to say the course went as described, but you never see the surprises coming. There is no way I could have imagined how my Sabina could be transformed, almost by too much to take in on the day, creative ideas that wouldn’t have entered my head. As the day went on I’m telling myself they’ll never be prizes for just being good, the tree has got to Shine, be Strong, Healthy have Pizzazz and Flair and have Magic. Magic is what this course has.


When I got home on Saturday Evening after the first day Angie asked if I’d had a good day?

******* Brilliant I said. What did you learn? She inquired further at which point my jaw dropped, my mouth opened and NO sound came out. I didn’t know where to start!

John Eaton.



I have just had two cracking days at Steve Tolleys,taking part in an in depth study on Junipers. The two days have been incredibly informative,a good balance of theory and practical work, put over in a very user friendly manor. Speaking as a passionate Bonsai enthusiast I would highly recommend fellow enthusiasts investing your time and energy in this format of Bonsai Education – you and your trees can only benefit from it.

Andy Phillips.