Reworking a Specimen Chuhin Itoigawa



This is the Itoigawa Juniper before my work commenced. You can see that the tree is very healthy with a full image. It is hard to see from this picture but the tree leans too much to the viewer i.e. the front, and the “full” style conceals a lot of the movement in the tree and the main areas of interest.

Although this juniper would look good simply after thinning out the foliage, wiring and re styling. I think there is more to be made of this charming little tree. My idea is to remove a large area of foliage at the right hand side of the tree to expose the deadwood and movement in the tree to the viewer.


Seen here from the right hand side there is a jin which I feel is a little separated from the main design of the tree. This jin I would like to steam bend closer to the tree to make it more integral to the design. The jin will then fit in with the rest of the design and help to keep the eyes focused in the tree and not take the eye out of the tree.


This close up shows the denseness and vigour of the foliage. This tree is in good condition and will respond well to my work.


This close up of the trunk shows how the deadwood has been neglected a little and algae is growing. The denseness of the foliage would create heavy shade and in turn would restrict air flow and sunlight thus creating an algae friendly environment.


This is the juniper after the first part of my work.

The foliage has been thinned out. The deadwood has been cleaned and some new texturing has been done to improve and/or create the appearance of age.

Removing the foliage to the right hand side has opened up the tree exposing the essence of the tree. This has also helped with the visual speed the tree now has to the left. Before, the tree had movement to the left but the whole image was quite static compared to the new design.

The trees centre of gravity is almost perfect now and the specially commissioned pot by Gordon Duffet, completes the composition.