Peter’s Itoigawa


Peter's Itoigawa

This is a typical piece of high quality Japanese field grown material that is available to the bonsai hobbyist from most good bonsai nurseries.

A guy who attends my bonsai school bought this material from me as his first step up, into higher quality material.

He wanted a tree that he could learn from, but that would give a really good image at the end that would be worthy of exhibiting at a prestigious show like the Noelanders Trophy in Belgium.

Peter's Itoigawa2 Peter's Itoigawa3

In these two images you can see some roughing out work that has been done on the tree to create some deadwood areas. The jin and shari has been created in Japan to make the tree more saleable, but it is crude and basic and needs refining. This early work can also act as a guide for the buyer of how and where to create deadwood on their tree.

Peter's Itoigawa4

Starting the refinement work on the deadwood.

Peter's Itoigawa5 Peter's Itoigawa6 Peter's Itoigawa7

This is some of the work we have done to make the deadwood more refined and natural looking. It is important for me that deadwood should not look too contrived or stylised.

Peter's Itoigawa8 Peter's Itoigawa9

This is the tree FRONT AND BACK before styling. There is plenty of foliage to work with and so we will remove a percentage of the foliage. This will be done keeping in mind both the horticultural and aesthetic needs of the tree and its design. It should be possible to get quite a polished image from this tree in the early stages.

Peter's Itoigawa9a Peter's Itoigawa9b

Pete Ford Itoigawa Jan 2014

Almost prepared ready for Noelanders Trophy 2014