Literati Twin Trunk Japanese White Pine



This is a photo of the pine after it arrived at my nursery. It is difficult to appreciate the potential in the tree from this photo. But to me, the tree was very elegant. It had nice proportion, movement and taper in the two trunks, and it was healthy. After arriving from Japan it had many wires starting to dig in a little and it was a little overgrown, but this was merely superficial. It is important to be able to see beyond this. The tree was de-wired immediately to stop any further damage from the wires and I checked the trees root system. For me it is important to know what is happening inside the pot.

I removed a branch at the back of the tree which had very weak buds which were already starting to go yellow/brown. It was no use trying to utilise this branch in the styling of the tree. There was also another branch at the front growing down from the apex which had bad wire damage but was healthy. I decided to give this branch a chance and not remove it. It would enhance the tree if I kept it. But if it should weaken and die, I had two other optional branches which I could move slightly and grow on to take its place after a few years.


This is the pine after the first styling. The work has been routine. I have removed old needles and wired the tree with copper wire. The styling has simply been to float the foliage around the structure of the two trunks. I think it works well and is nicely balanced. The tree is now in a Gordon Duffet pot specially made for the tree. I will enjoy developing this very graceful tree in the coming years.