Kevin’s Kishu


Kevin's Kishu

This is the juniper as it was the day my client bought it. It was obtained from a RHS Flower Show bonsai exhibitor.

When I first saw this tree I could see its potential. The trunk line in particular was interesting and offered great scope for a restyle.

At the moment this photo was taken the tree looks like it may topple over to the right. The visual weight of the foliage is far too heavy for such a slender trunk and there are many contradictory branch lines some plunging and some rising with no logical pattern.

There had been some basic carving carried out on the trunk but some of it was a little uninspiring with many tool marks showing on the tree.

The current pot is also far too deep and not in keeping with the potential elegance of the tree.


In this image you can see that the foliage has grown well in the hands of my client. The tree is much fuller with a good deep colour. This tree is now ready for a restyle. Here I have tilted the tree a little to give the trunk line better balance and to help my client visualise the new position of the tree.




These are a few close ups after some refined carving to give more interest to the large areas of deadwood and to remove any signs of  power tools and therefore the hand of man.


Here I am wiring the tree in copper. Notice the new pot.


This is the final image after the first styling. Notice now the new trunk line and how everything is balanced due to the cantilever bracket ‘feel’ that the trunk now has. This is far more visually stable. The foliage pads are now lighter and the overall weight of the foliage mass is now greatly reduced in keeping with the weight and sinuous line of the trunk.

The pot is more in keeping with the tree but this will be changed for a more shallow pot in the future as we gradually reduce the root ball. The original root ball went down due to the deep pot. We are now trying to get it too radiate out from the trunk more and develop a shallow root system. This all takes time, there is no quick solution.

The foliage will now be allowed to develop a little but it will not become too dense. We don’t want a ‘clipped poodle’ look. The foliage pads still need to be light and airy and float around the core of the tree. This tree has a great future.