Gavin’s Taxus


Gavin's Taxus

Gavin’s Taxus

This is the Yew as it was seen for sale on my website.

It can be seen that although it is really only a material tree. The branches have had some work in the distant past.


This was taken at my clients home one year after importation. Some preparation has been carried out on the shari running down the trunk. This is not finished and will need more work. The tree has grown strongly and is in good colour.


This is the tree after some work on the deadwood. At this point the foliage has not been touched.


In this image you can see how the deadwood has been enhanced.


Here the trees owner is starting to wire the tree with annealed copper wire.

At this point the foliage has been thinned out to assist wiring and I have removed several branches to structure the tree correctly. It is not just a case of wiring everything and making it fit.

It is important to get the skeleton (structure) of the tree right at the beginning and to add the flesh (foliage) later.


This is the final image after the first styling. My client will lime sulphur the tree at a later date to protect the wood. At the moment the foliage is a little sparse but the branches are covered in buds, and next year, knowing the vigour of this tree as I do. It will soon fill out. At the moment the two main back branches which give depth are a little too long. These will be shortened closer in to the trunk as we get more foliage development on these branches.

The second branch up on the left is a little flat in the picture, more so than it actually is. But even so this will be rounded out as we get extension in the foliage. We also need to compact the foliage over time so that it is more strong and compact and not so floppy.