Gavin’s Blue Garden Juniper


Gavin's Blue Juniper Gavin's Blue Juniper1

I acquired this Juniper earlier this year while I was in Switzerland. Although it had originally been a garden or patio tree, I felt it could make an impressive bonsai.

A good friend and client of mine saw the tree and was impressed with the material and the design possibilities it had. (Although he claims it was the cheap price of the tree rather than its quality that sold it to him.)

This is the juniper before any work was carried out. You can see in these two images that it has two trunks, but unfortunately they are not sympathetic to each other. One has nice curved movement and one has sharp movement and some straight lines. Also 90% of the foliage is carried by one very stiff and straight branch. From a design point, the two unrelated trunks and the foliage being far away from the trunks was the two main hurdles to overcome.

Gavin's Blue Juniper2

Here is my friend thinning out the dead branches from inside the foliage. This picture gives a good idea of the size of the tree, my friend stands 6 feet 3 inches.

Gavin's Blue Juniper3 Gavin's Blue Juniper4

These two images show the tree after thinning out any unwanted branches and foliage.

We have started making some jin and shari. In image 5, the large jin on the right side of the right hand trunk will be cut off, before the completion of the design.

Gavin's Blue Juniper5

After bending the big branch 180 degrees back on itself and after a lot of wiring the trees form is starting to come together.

In this image there are two things to look for. First the small branch at the top from which the crown will be made. At this moment, it curves back over itself. Secondly the jin top left with the plastic cage on. My friend put this on the jin, after I twice nearly took an eye out. Who said bonsai wasn’t dangerous?

Gavin's Blue Juniper6

This is the image after the first styling.

(Sorry for the flash photography.)

Gavin's Blue Juniper7

The tree viewed from behind. Notice the stump (centre of the tree) from where the large jin was removed. Due to time limits we decided to tidy this up at a later date.

Also the small branch used to make the crown (see image 6) now passes under itself and the curve of the branch and the angle of fall have been changed without wiring or raffia.

Gavin's Blue Juniper8

Gavin at the end of the day with his tree. Now for a pot!!