Dominic’s Shimpaku


Reworking Shimpaku

This is the Shimpaku as it was when purchased from my nursery for a workshop.

It is a nice piece of material that has obviously been worked on in the distant past. However it has seen better times from when it once may have been a very nice bonsai. Despite some scaring from where the wire has been allowed to bite in, the tree has good potential. It is our job to try to return the tree to its former glory.

Reworking Shimpaku2

This is a close up of the foliage. Although healthy, the tree has been allowed to grow for many years unchecked. We need to thin out the foliage to allow air and light to circulate and over time we need to compact the growth.

Reworking Shimpaku3

Here Dominic, who owns the Shimpaku, can be seen thinning out the foliage. This image gives you some idea of the size of the juniper.

Reworking Shimpaku4

This is the finished Shimpaku after our first work. The Shimpaku is here seen from the left side.

Reworking Shimpaku5

This is the Shimpaku seen from behind.

Reworking Shimpaku6

This is the Shimpaku seen from the right side.

Reworking Shimpaku7

This is the Shimpaku seen from the front after the first reworking.

The bonsai has a new inclination now. At a later date we will be re-potting the Shimpaku into a pot that is a darker red than its current pot, being careful to keep this new inclination for the bonsai.